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White Water Rafting

River Rafting in NepalRiver rafting is an exhilarating experience in Nepal's Himalayan snow-fed rivers for both amateurs and professionals. The country's major rivers are the best in the world for river rafting sports with many staircase rapids that challenge the body and spirit of the rafters. Most of the rivers have their sources in Tibet (China), cut through the Himalayas and sweep down the Nepal's central hills to the southern flatland (Terai). En route they whirl, tumble over rapids and crash over rocky gorges and boulders. They make your raft wobble and wet you with an icy splash in an attempt to divert your attention. White water rafting is one of the most exciting ways of exploring the country's ancient cultures, unspoiled landscapes and diverse peoples along with the thrills and excitement on the rapids of the rivers. Rivers in Nepal are graded on a scale of one to six.

Our Guides and Equipment:

Our rafting guides have been handpicked & well trained for their ability to provide the rafting trips in Nepal with full of fun and safety. We provide only the best paddling equipment in all our rafting trips.

Rafting Season

The best months for river rafting in Nepal are late September until early December, and then again from mid February until May. In late August and late May, the rivers can be extremely high with monsoon run off. Any attempts at this time require a very experienced guide and strong rafters. From October the rivers are settled and this is the most popular time for rafting in Nepal. In December some of the rivers become cold and the days are short.

The spring season of March until mid-May has lower flows to begin with, which generally means that the rapids are not that powerful. This is ideal time for leisure rafting. The rivers come up again with pre-monsoon melts and snow melts. From June to August the monsoon rains arrive and the rivers hold 10 times their low flow and can flood with 60 - 80 times this flow. Any high flow can make the rapids 1-2 grades tougher.

Some of the popular rivers for rafting are as follows:

Trisuli River (Grade 3):

It is one of the most popular, if not favorite, of Nepal's raftable rivers. Due to its proximity to Kathmandu and the easy road access which accompanies it, we offer trips on the Trishuli. For the first time rafters it offers plenty of excitement. Many travelers choose to incorporate a ride down the Trishuli with either a trip to Pokhara or the Chitwan National Park.

Kali Gandaki (Grade 4-6):

It winds through remote canyons and deep gorges for five days of intense rapids among gorgeous wilderness and mountain views. The run flows 120 km and its challenges are continuous. Trips on the Kali Gandaki offer an exciting alternative to the Trishuli River.

Bhote Koshi (Grade 4-5):

It is worth special mention. It is a two-day run of pure adrenaline located only three hours from Kathmandu. Twenty-six kilometers of continuous whitewater batters rafters as they shoot through a veritable maze of canyons and boulders. Little more than a swimsuit is needed for this one.

Marshyangdi (Grade 4-5):

Its run is for four days on the uninterrupted white water. Flowing through the gorges of the Annapurnas, it runs sandwiched between 52 km of boiling foam and towering peaks. Trips on the Marshyangdi start from the Pokhara.

Karnali (Grade 4-5):

The Karnali in the far west is the longest and largest river in Nepal. To arrive at its banks requires a two-day trek from Surkhet in the Terai. The 90 km is spent flowing through spectacular landscapes and narrow gorges and down some of the most challenging rapids in the world. For the remaining 90 km, the scenery and the wildlife are the main attraction, as we find the abundance of fish. During most of the trip, the wilderness is uninterrupted by human habitations.

Sun Koshi (Grade 4-5):

Sun Koshi is Nepal's second offering for expedition rafting. With a put in only three hours from Kathmandu, it is more easily accessible than the Karnali while nevertheless offering an incredible stretch of exhilarating white water. The run is 270 km and requires 8-10 days to complete with road access only at the beginning and end. On the third day rapids reach the upper 4 classifications and the remaining part of the trip is consistently intense- the white water stays white until the very end.

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