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Getting to Bhutan
Except Indian Nationals, all visitors to Bhutan must have a valid passport and an approved visa before arrival in the Kingdom. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Thimphu issues visas to all foreign visitors. Bhutanese Embassies aboard do not issue visas. Travel to Bhutan is allowed only as a member of an organized tour group.

Visa and Entry Formalities:
Entry is affected by Air and overland route. There are 2 flights Kathmandu-Paro- on every Mon/Wed/Fri and Paro-Kathmandu every Tue/Sun/Fri. All foreign nationals other than Indian nationals in groups of 1-3 people or more may visit Bhutan. Applications for Visa should be made at least three weeks in advance. For Visa processing, please contact us for further inquiry.

Weather conditions are ideal for visiting Bhutan in all seasons except winter, which runs from December through February. Summer temperatures in Thimphu ranges from about 80C (460) to 200 C (680 F)
Temperatures in the south are tropical with high monsoon rainfall. Rainfall in the higher central region is not so heavy. The days are clear and warm with cool nights.

What to wear:
During most of the year light woolens and cottons are sufficient for day-wear, with warmer attire necessary in the evenings. Heavy woolen clothing is required during winter months.

All major towns have basic communication facilities, including post, telephone, fax and telegraph. Television and Internet were introduced in 1999, and can be accessed from most towns and cities.

All places of interest in Bhutan are linked by road. We provide comfortable vehicles to transport our clients to and from various destinations. We use good condition vehicles to ensure safety and punctuality while making travel arrangements in the country.

Food and Drinks:
Food is mainly of local variety with Indian, Chinese and Tibetan dishes available at most of the places. Bhutanese food is a blend of Himalayan flavors with the modern cuisine. Traditional Bhutanese food is hot and spicy.
Favorite beverages include Chang, the local beer and arra, a spirit distilled from rice, maize, wheat or barley.

Bhutan standard time is half an hour ahead of Indian standard time and 6 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).


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